Use jArchi to draw Archi relations from Azure service map

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This blogpost is about a script…

Azure Service map

Azure service map is a really cool thing.  It basically shows you all network connections your servers make when running.  You can view this information in a table or in a visual form.

Picture taken from: Out of the box service map functionality.  The script we discuss here will create something similar directly in Archi..

Now, does this look interesting?  Sure it does, I see the sever, the connections it makes to other servers, I see the processes that start the connections…  all of that in an easy to use interface.  When migrating to cloud this is really valuable information.  When doing firewall projects or management also.  It helps you decide if you should open that port or not.  There are more cases where this information is a huge time saver.

I am not going to write on how to setup this, the microsoft…

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By Alberto D Mendoza

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