ArchiMate Patterns – Technology Layer

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The technology represents the low level hardware, software and connectivity.

Much like last weeks Application Layer post, I’ll split this out for the basic pattern, and then a number of different examples which will hopefully make some sense.



A node represents a computational or physical resource that hosts, manipulates, or interacts with other computational or physical resources.

ArchiMate 3

The “Node” is the most generic representation of a server. I tend to think of the node as the container for operating system, system software, artefacts and the physical hardware.


A device is a physical IT resource upon which system software and artifacts may be stored or deployed for execution.

ArchiMate 3

The usage of ArchiMate and Archi models should be derived from the questions that you want to answer. When I first began modelling, I wanted to separate the logical server (node) from the physical or virtual…

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By Alberto D Mendoza

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