“Enterprise Architecture As A Service” – Why?

The Open Group Blog

By Terry Blevins, Fellow of The Open Group, Enterprise Architect at Enterprise Wise LLC

The previous TOGAF® User Group meeting was held by The Open Group in London on April 18, 2018. In that meeting, a number of very interesting questions were asked by the attendees. One topic in question was “Enterprise Architecture (EA) As A Service”.  Was “EA As A Service” considered possible, and/or useful? And if so, why? Great questions!

My immediate reaction to these questions was – yes Enterprise Architecture could, and in my opinion should, be offered through a set of services, and yes it would be very useful. An unasked question was what would it be like – but that’s another blog!

First, I guess I should describe what I mean by “EA As A Service” and the best way to do this is in comparison to something – but I am having…

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By Alberto D Mendoza

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