Will McKinsey be the first ‘big consultancy’ that gets (enterprise) architecture right?

R&A IT Strategy & Architecture

I’ve experienced and seen quite a bit of what the ‘big consultancies’ tell organisations about (enterprise) architecture and over the years I’ve seen quite a bit that in my observation does more harm than good, sometimes even serious harm, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted kind of harm. The approaches promoted by ‘big consultancy’ are generally based on assumptions that will not withstand a bit of scrutiny, let alone the confrontation with the actual reality of complex Business-IT landscapes in larger organisations. There is an overabundance of simplistic and logically sounding advise which often has little impact on the problems at hand.

Advise that sells better than harsh realism, though.

The situation in academia is not much better. Here we sometimes even see even more impractical approaches, which look really ‘sciency’, formulas and all, which are about as useful as applying Einstein’s relativity theory to the problem of, say, technical…

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By Alberto D Mendoza

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